Happy Independence Day. Your independence means you get to choose.

I don’t want to see the world, I want to hide from it. If I choose to leave it is because everyone around us is so horrifyingly awful, creating environments that are so unbearable, and because we are continuously unable to come to a non-selfish solution. I am selfish too, so I don’t know what I would do better or differently. It may be too easy to just pack up and go, but in the end even the journey can be completely meaningless. I continue to make up spaces to be happy because I have nothing else to fill that gap because nothing can. and other people just remind me of that awful truth and make it worse.

losing my mind, losing my grip.

"He loves me, he loves me not"

A lot of artists don’t appreciate filters, and so I feel guilty for making such heavy use of them in my photos. But I really really love how it makes my photos look…So I guess I will keep editing my photos with filters, even if it means I must revoke my ability to self-claim as an artist. 

Anyway, these were all taken by my NikonD3100 this afternoon in my aunt’s garden. I really suffered a lot of mosquito bites for these (she has grown a gorgeous garden [alliteration!] around this old swamp) but I hope you find my efforts worth it. I am actually satisfied with how these came out! And if you couldn’t tell, I love the statue of the woman and I really couldn’t decide which angles and edits I liked best, so I’ll present them all.

Instagram: @misssuryaa