Yin Chao shoots Ben Hill in Cambodia’s Kep and Angkor for GQ Style Russia’s SS’2014 issue.

Photographer: Yin Chao
Style: Ekaterina Melnikova
Model: Ben Hill@VIEW
Hair: Ryan Drewe Taylor@The Dollhouse
Makeup: Anna Mischke@The Dollhouse
Styling assistants: Ben Fern, Natalia Lisakova
Photo assistants: Eddie Sun, BinHang Huang, Chao Xing
Location scouting: Dave Perkes@Peace of Angkor, Michael Gillich@Bokeh Cambodia
Producer: Anastasia Polikarpova

The editorial would like to thank Raffles Grand Hotel D’Angkor Siem Reap Cambodia for help with this shoot.


Restore Motherhood: 10 Days for M’Dai

The impact of the Khmer Rouge lasted well beyond the nearly four years that dictator Pol Pot ruled Cambodia with an iron fist. The victims number well beyond the 1.7 million killed. The policies of the brutal regime shattered the family structure. The ripple effect is being felt today. Young mothers do not know how to take care of themselves before or after pregnancy. They don’t know about proper nutrition for their children, or good parenting practices.

On March 16, Samaritan’s Purse is launching a 10-day campaign called 10 Days for M’Dai to help restore the joy of motherhood in rural Cambodia. M’Dai means “mother” in the local language. Please pray that God will use our Maternal and Child Health program to deliver hope to mothers and children like the ones in these photos.

I really wanted to share this here because SP doesn’t seem to have much of a Tumblr presence just yet. Definitely watch this video (fair warning: it may make you cry) and then visit this page for more information and ways to help!

P.S. I can’t stop looking at that little boy in the fourth picture. :( If I could fly over to Cambodia right now, I’d bring him a soft blanket and a parcel of tasty food and all the hugs he could handle.

This is my talented little cousin Diamonique who is a young Cambodian American with a great voice! Please support her and show her that you also find her talented by watching, rating, liking sharing this video!! do you think she should sing more? Have any song requests? 

I think she can go far, don’t you??

We’re just messing around here, but thank you in advance! Hope you like it!

An amazing sneak peek into what seems to be a beautiful film about the issues that surround men in the universal struggle toward attaining genuine gender equality. In society, the cost of sexist privilege is skewed images of strength, masculinity and manhood that can be a form of repression even if did open doors to years of sexist entitlement. 

Just another reason gender equality is a struggle for everyone who should criticize their own concepts of strength, rights and identity.