I AM ANGRY- Breakups: Am I doing this wrong?

I get jealous. No, wait I get JEALOUS. And I am speaking from my personal experience, from when I was in a… relationship? Kind of? I don’t know, you have to ask him, he defined those terms for us and I kind of hoped, fought and suffered for the “best” for about three years. Anyway, I am already insecure, and my relationship only made me feel even worse. I hated particular cunts, and I’m telling you, IT IS OKAY TO HATE BITCHES. As long as you also remember to HATE YOUR EX. Also, never use violence! Don’t hit the slutbags, even if that is what they are there for and their face is really asking for it.

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Happy Independence Day. Your independence means you get to choose.

I don’t want to see the world, I want to hide from it. If I choose to leave it is because everyone around us is so horrifyingly awful, creating environments that are so unbearable, and because we are continuously unable to come to a non-selfish solution. I am selfish too, so I don’t know what I would do better or differently. It may be too easy to just pack up and go, but in the end even the journey can be completely meaningless. I continue to make up spaces to be happy because I have nothing else to fill that gap because nothing can. and other people just remind me of that awful truth and make it worse.

losing my mind, losing my grip.